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Constgo-12 Powder works by possessing muscle relaxant activity due to thymol, cymene, gamma-terpinene, carvacrol, and pinenes components.

Possessing blocking action on the histaminergic and cholinergic pathways; preventing or treating several ailments.

Inhibiting the growth of microorganisms; possessing therapeutic activity due to cumin, terpenes and flavonoids.

Treating a range of health problems and diseases; promoting wound healing process; inhibiting the growth of microorganisms; inhibiting the growth and spread of cancer cells; inhibiting the growth of viruses.

Controlling blood glucose levels; treating various other ailments; thinning the blood and lowering the blood pressure; interfering with muscarinic, adrenergic and histaminic receptor activities; mobilization of calcium ions required for smooth muscle contraction non specifically; possessing the potent anticonvulsant action


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